Over the past five years, 52% of the College Match graduates were admitted to an Ivy League university or an Ivy-equivalent.


Over the past three years, 60% of our seniors were admitted to colleges ranked at least as high as UC Berkeley.


95% of College Match students have either graduated from college or are on track to do so.


Over the past six years our seniors have raised their average SAT scores by over 344 points.

The total amount
of financial assistance that our seniors received represents a 2000% return on our investment.

For three consecutive years, a College Match student was accepted into the eight-year Brown University undergraduate and Medical School program. This program allows a student to enroll into Brown Medical School without taking the MCAT Exam and without applying to any Medical Schools as long as they maintain reasonable grades as a Brown undergraduate. It is among the rarest of all admissions possibilities for high school seniors. The program usually receives 2300 applicants (almost all from upper-income families) and only accepts 50 students a year. Very few inner-city low-income students are accepted into this program.

3 yrs.

One of our students received the very prestigious Fulbright Scholarship. The Fulbright is the most impressive post-graduate award a student can receive except for the Rhodes Scholarship. It is extremely rare for a low-income minority youngster from East Los Angeles to win this Scholarship.

1 student

Three of our 2014 graduates have been awarded a Gates Millennium Scholarship. Over the past six years, College Match has had 22 Gates Millennium Scholarship recipients. There are only 1000 Gates awards provided annually throughout the country, and it's probably the best scholarship a youngster can receive because it covers both undergraduate and graduate financial needs.

3 grads.

About Us:

College Match was established in 2003 to concentrate on high achieving low-income high school students. Our first full class of 34 students graduated in 2005. College Match provides comprehensive college access services to low-income students in twelve Los Angeles inner-city public schools. Each student receives two years of comprehensive services including SAT Prep classes, visits to outstanding colleges all over the country, assistance with their essays, college applications and financial aid forms, and advocacy on their behalf with the colleges.

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