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Meet Reyna

High School: Diego Rivera Green Design STEAM Academy College: Wellesley College
Career: Aspiring Environmental Activist or Political Science Major

Podcast Episode 2 - REYNA'S STORY: Environmental Activism, Social Justice, and her Self Love Page

Meet Reyna, a young environmental activist and social justice advocate from South Central Los Angeles. She’ll be applying to college next year and is determined to find a college that matches her passion for environmental sustainability and spreading self love. It is her dream to be the first in her family to earn a higher education degree. 

Growing up, Reyna always had a close connection with the environment and her curiosity led to many life revelations. After enrolling in Diego Rivera’s Green Design STEAM Academy, Reyna was told that not only could she explore her interests in science, but that she would also be part of the honors program. That day sparked a change in Reyna.  She began to see the value in her voice. 

Since then, Reyna has become a young social activist. She is starting her own Intersectional Environmentalism Club at school where they will study how race, gender and class intersect to affect environmentalism.  Her club will not only focus on the connection between humans and the environment but she hopes to build the first sustainable garden on her campus. 

Additionally, Reyna started her own Self Love social media page which has grown to impact hundreds of followers. In addition to Self Love, her page is fueled by social justice and Reyna has attended several protests and marches to fight for the values she believes in such as climate change, women’s rights, and the current Black Lives Matter movement.  She loves to watch documentaries and listen to TED talks, which she’ll refer to in the interview.  

In her words, “When you’re experiencing sad moments, it’s ok to feel them. But it’s also important to leave space for that happiness.” This episode will surely leave you inspired to practice more self love and kindness. It may also leave you wanting to learn more about the following people, documentaries, ideas, and organizations behind Reyna’s passion.  

Greta Thunberg (TIME’s Person of the Year)- a young teen activist who has inspired Reyna to continue the fight for climate change. 

50 Minutes to Save the World – A documentary on the impact of climate change. 

Ron Finley and LA Green Grounds – A gentleman who started a sustainable garden in South Central Los Angeles and has inspired other Urban cities to grow sustainably. 

**For a Video Version of Reyna’s Podcast Interview, visit our College Match YouTube Page where you’ll be able to see pictures of Reyna in action and hear clips of some of the TED Talks that inspired her.  

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