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Meet Sevdora

High School: Bravo Medical Magnet High School College: Dartmouth
Career: Aspiring Medical Doctor or Environmental Scientist


Get your tissues ready! Meet Sevdora, a young woman from Uzbekistan who moved to America when she was 12 years old. For most of her childhood, she lived with her grandparents and aunts in the countryside of Uzbekistan, traveling a total of 4 hours by bus with her cousin to school each day in the city.

When she was almost 5 years old, Sevdora’s mom moved to America to achieve the “American Dream” and ultimately to establish a life that would allow her to one day bring Sevdora. 7 years, and many obstacles later, her mom finally completed all the paperwork to bring Sevdora to America legally. After a long anticipated wait, Sevdora got on a plane for the first time, and began her journey to Los Angeles where her mom had started a whole new life.

In a few short years, Sevdora became fluent in English and excelled academically. She found her calling in Environmental Science and this year, despite the pandemic, led her Ocean Bowl team to a 3rd place win in the JPL Regional Competition! In addition to being the Team Captain, she has been really busy as a member of Bravo High School’s NErDy Club, the National Honors Society where she’s been volunteering at the LA Regional Food Bank and Excellibur, a student-made organization to close the gap in education and foster STEM interest. She is also a member of Bravo’s Red Cross Club.
Sevdora was accepted to Dartmouth College through early decision and she will soon be joining the biggest College Match freshmen cohort this year. She was also recently notified of being selected to receive the 2021 PBWC Loren Mahon Book Scholarship Award and was invited to join the Professional Businesswomen of California’s 32nd annual conference in May.

We have no doubt that Sevdora will leave a lasting impression at Dartmouth and in her future career! **For a Video Version of Sevdora’s Podcast Interview, visit our College Match YouTube Page where you’ll be able to see a picture collage of Sevdora’s experiences and where you can also tune into our Virtual Graduation Ceremony that will highlight where the rest of our College Match Class of 2021 will be headed in the Fall.

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